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I teach lawyers how to build a
rain machine

The Practice of Law is a Profession.
The Running of a Law Practice is a


Straight from the client.

As an experienced General Counsel, I truly enjoy applying my nearly 20 years of in-house experience to help law firms and their attorneys learn modern-day business intelligence and business development strategies and tactics. 

In my course, "How to Build a Rain Machine™", I teach lawyers what in-house clients really want. Equipping outside counsel with the secret skills and tactics to maximize client billings, client retention, and client satisfaction. 


"This Is My Way of Shaping the Future of the Legal Profession."

"The Rainstar Academy is like no other business development program for law firm partners.  In a truly dynamic, engaging and humorous fashion, Aarash divulges the secret sauce for getting business based on his insider perspective as a prominent General Counsel.  The tips and tactics are practical.  The strategies are fresh and the content is tailored to the current times.  This is the one and only training you need to make it start raining!"


"Rainstar Academy's “How to Build a Rain Machine” business development workshop is incredibly valuable and provides succinct strategies you can immediately implement in your daily practice. Aarash has a wealth of knowledge and unique insight as General Counsel.  Aarash remains available to answer questions and provide additional guidance. I highly recommend this workshop to any lawyer, regardless of experience level, looking to take their business development skills to the next level."

"I was lucky to hear Aarash’s presentation on business development. Where has this been all this time!! The presentation provides a blueprint for increasing your business development by providing real world examples that are easy to implement. Highly recommended."

Invest in your practice. Magnify your results.

Through my teachings, you will learn the secret business development strategies, billing maximization tactics, and client retention methods that are so commonly overlooked by outside counsel. 

Learn the art of client mastery and set yourself apart from your peers.  


If you love to learn, I love to teach. Let's chat. 

Thanks for contacting us.

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